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Oxfordshire Budget Consultation

Oxfordshire County Council is asking people who live and work in Oxfordshire to share their views on its funding proposals for the coming year.

Every year Oxfordshire County Council sets out how it intends to spend its budget on behalf of local people. And that includes funding to support people with mental health challenges and children’s and adult social care.

This year the council budget aims to better reflect the equal importance of mental health and physical health in Oxfordshire, which Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership and those working with children and young people hope will continue into the future.

Lesley Dewhurst; “As Chair of the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership, I would urge ANYONE who has an interest in mental health to respond to this consultation…….so that means ALL OF US, as good mental health is completely central to everyone’s lives.  Now more than ever before it is imperative that funding for mental health services is not just preserved but enhanced.  The negative impacts of COVID-19 on the mental health of our communities will sadly get worse, and it is vital that we maintain and build robust and effective services for everyone.  Let’s all help Oxfordshire County Council to play its part in supporting good mental health for all.”

Oxfordshire County Council online consultation: https://consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk/consult.ti/budget2021/consultationHome