Peer Support

Peer support groups bring together people who have a shared experience in a safe and welcoming space.

Peer support groups bring together people to provide mutual support in a safe and welcoming space.

Having the chance to speak to people who have been through similar experiences to you can be incredibly reassuring, provide a sense of belonging, and help you find the support that’s right for you.

At Oxfordshire Mind we provide over 30 free, friendly, informal peer support groups across Oxfordshire. Each peer support group is different, so we’re sure there’s one that would fit your needs – from art, unusual experiences, LGBTQ+ to music and quizzes, or just simply a tea and a chat.

There are many different groups but they all aim to:

  • bring together people with shared experiences to support each other
  • provide a space where you feel accepted and understood
  • treat everyone’s views and experiences as equally valued
  • involve both giving and receiving support.

How to join a peer support group

If you think you’d benefit from joining one of our peer support groups, please call our Information Line on 01865 247788 or email us

We’ll arrange an options session (by phone or in person), during which you can decide which type of peer support group would be most useful for you.

Become a peer supporter

Do you think your experience of mental health issues could benefit others? If so, you may wish to consider becoming a peer support volunteer yourself.