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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 15 to 21 May 2023. This year, we’re focusing on the impact that the cost of living crisis is having on our mental health.

The cost of living crisis is affecting the mental health of millions.  
The uncertainty of watching as our costs spiral can be difficult to bear. The worry of how we’ll get by and support our families is piling on the pressure. But for so many of us, looking after our mental health is often last on our list.

And for those of us who are already struggling with money, the crisis is even more brutal. So many of us on lower incomes were already making impossible decisions between basics like food, clothing and fuel. This has only got worse. And prioritising our mental health has become more difficult.
As individuals, as families, as communities – we can’t afford to ignore the impact on our mental health. Whether it’s ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues, our neighbours or strangers. Every one of us needs to know we’re not alone. 
Get support  

Having so much to deal with can affect your mental health. Oxfordshire Mind can’t fix the cost of living crisis. But we can help you and people you know feel more able to cope.  

If this speaks to you, speak to Oxfordshire Mind. 

I'm looking for information and support…

We’re here for people affected by mental ill health, as well as families, friends, carers and professionals. You can ask us a specific question about mental health or mental health services, or tell us about your situation and we’ll suggest some options for getting you help and support.

Phone: 01865 247788
Text: 07451 277973
Email: info@oxfordshiremind.org.uk

Join the fight 

Whether it’s raising awareness or raising money, we can let each other know support is out there. Help those of us that need it find hope through Oxfordshire Mind’s Information Service, website and online community, Side by Side.  We can’t fix the cost of living crisis – but we can help each other cope. 

If this speaks to you, or someone you know, support Oxfordshire Mind this Mental Health Awareness Week. 

I'm looking to fundraise for better mental health…

As a charity, we rely on funding and donations to continue helping those affected by mental health issues. We’re incredibly grateful to all individuals and companies who choose to do fundraising activities on our behalf.

Phone: 07394 567360
Email: fundraising@oxfordshiremind.org.uk

I'm looking to volunteer my time…

Volunteers are essential to Oxfordshire Mind’s work, enabling us to provide more life-changing services to people with mental health conditions in Oxfordshire. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life.

Phone: 01865 247788
Email: volunteering@oxfordshiremind.org.uk