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February LGBT+ History Month

It is a month-long annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual trans, and non-binary history, including the history of LGBT+ rights and related civil rights movements.

In the United Kingdom, it is celebrated in February each year, to coincide with the 2003 abolition of Section 28.


The LGBT+ History Month 2023 #BehindTheLens celebrates LGBT+ peoples’ contribution to cinema and film from behind the lens. Directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, producers, animators, costume designers, special effects, make-up artists, lighting directors, musicians, choreographers and beyond.

When LGBT+ lives are in the media, we encourage you to look ‘Behind the Lens’ and listen to LGBT+ peoples’ lived experiences.

There is a list of events on the LGBT+ History Month Website that you can access to get involved with #BehindTheLens.

LGBT+ Mental Health Support

Those who identify as LGBT+ are more likely to experience a mental health problem. This is because of the bullying, rejection, stigma and discrimination still routinely experienced by many in the community.

This LGBT+ History Month, we stand in solidarity with all LGBT+ people who experience mental health problems, past and present.

🏳️‍🌈You are not alone and your mental health matters. If you would like to talk, we’re here to listen and help:

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