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Difficult Discussions

We understand that for some people December can be a difficult time of year for many reasons. Perhaps you’re a caregiver, maybe you are lonely, or you might be feeling the financial strain.

Often the festive period can feel very full-on. Other people talk about exciting plans with family and friends. But for some, the increased social time with others can bring uncomfortable questions or make us feel like our family and friends aren’t as “perfect” or as “good” as others.

  • We might feel pressured to talk about personal details or aspects of our identity by people who don’t understand us or people we aren’t comfortable sharing with.
  • Remember that your thoughts, feelings and identity are yours alone, it is up to you to choose whom you want to share with and when or if you want to share at all.
  • If you know that there are members of your family who might ask questions that you are not comfortable with, prepare yourself mentally for this. Know what boundaries you are setting and how much you feel comfortable sharing.
  • You can also make plans to go outside or meet friends to give yourself time and space away from that environment.
  • Let someone you trust know that you are feeling worried about the social pressures surrounding December and agree to check in with each other daily.

If you become overwhelmed and struggle to cope Oxfordshire Safe Haven is a safe and welcoming space for when you’ve reached the point where it feels like there’s no way out.

They’re open 365 days a year, and you can think of them as being like A&E for your mental health, offering support to adults (18+) living in Oxfordshire.

There are also helplines that you can call if it becomes too much.