Benefits Service

There are several different benefits available to support people with mental health problems and their carers in the UK, including welfare benefits, disability benefits, personal independence payment, employment support allowance, and carers allowance.

However, we know that it’s sometimes confusing figuring out what you can claim for, and how. But don’t worry – that’s why we have a dedicated benefits service, known as Benefits for Better Mental Health (BBMH). Our BBMH team are accredited in this area, and can help you with:

Benefits health checks: to ensure you are getting the benefits you are entitled to

Claims: we can support you with claiming and maintaining your benefits, including the necessary letters, forms, journal updates, and phone calls

Appeals: we’re happy to represent you at appeals and challenging decisions.

Contact the BBMH Team

If you need support with anything mentioned above, please contact the BBMH team who will then get back to you to organise a call or face-to-face meeting with you, from their offices in Manzil Way, Oxford. 

Get in touch by calling 01865 247788 (Monday to Thursday, 9.30am-4.30pm – Friday, 9.30am-4.00pm) or emailing

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