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Not sure which is the best form of communication?

Please look at our handy guide to select the most appropriate form of communication for your needs.

PHONE:  01865 247788.

9:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday

9:30 am – 4:00 pm Friday

If you are unable to get though, you can leave a voice mail on our answer phone and we will get back to you as soon as we can during work hours.

Phone Call
AdvantagesIt is a 1:1 conversationThe conversation can continue until you arrive at a suitable outcomeYou can make the call from a suitable and safe place.You can decide when the call takes place.
DisadvantagesA phone call can be anxiety provokingIf you have poor phone signal – this could lead to an unresolved issue and frustration on your partIf you don’t feel you can be private enough in your setting for the call to be a comfortable experience. You might not feel you can share enough information to get the most appropriate support. [Look at email and Text]

EMAIL: info@oxfordshiremind.org.uk –we will respond during work hours.

AdvantagesTime to get your thoughts down in a logical wayAbility to re-read and edit before you press sendYou can respond at your own paceYou can look back at your responses and the replies you get and decide which way you want the conversation to go.A sense of feeling more in-control with the unfolding situationNo need to physically talk – if this makes you anxiousA record of times and dates you corresponded with Oxfordshire Mind in case you need to reference this.
DisadvantagesNot the best form of communication if you need urgent help. Especially if you email out of work hours.If you need to “let it out” what’s troubling you – this form of communication may be too slow for you.If you just want one conversation with one worker – this may not be possible with email as workers change shifts every couple of hours.You may lose the continuity of one worker listening to your story.

TEXT: 07451 277 973 –we will respond during work hours.

AdvantagesA text can be made with out drawing attention to yourself – especially if you cannot find a quiet space to call.Often you can get unlimited texts on your plan from your network provider [Cheaper option to calls]You will be able to have a conversation on text to resolve issues that are of concern to you.It is a precise form of communication – you can ensure you are saying what you need to do in a concise way.Ideal way to communicate your needs if you are anxious on the phone.
DisadvantagesThe Oxfordshire Mind Text Service is not an emergency service – so if you are in an Emergency please follow guidelines on our website on who to contact.You will only get a text response within working hours – THIS IS NOT AN OUT OF HOURS SERVICE – if you need out of hours then please text Shout on 85258If you have difficulties expressing yourself in text you may want to call insteadIf it would make you anxious waiting for a reply – you might want to email or call.