We are very pleased to announce HYDAC TECHNOLOGY LTD have chosen Oxfordshire Mind as their charity of the year.

The company will be planning a variety of fundraising initiatives throughout 2019, including dress down days, cake sales and a five aside football tournament.

HYDAC TECHNOLOGY LTD’s staff were asked to vote for which charity they would like to support, resulting in Oxfordshire Mind being selected. Their staff said:

“I chose to support Oxfordshire Mind due to the requirement for awareness of mental health inside and outside of work. We need more awareness for the effects that employees might experience outside of work such as; bereavement, family difficulties, abuse and many more, which could have a massive impact in the working environment and how our employees function. Making our employees aware of Oxfordshire mind and other supporting charities, can improve their mental health.”
“[Oxfordshire]Mind is our chosen charity because mental health has no prejudice! Too many of our young are suffering! Too many [men] suffer in silence and too many of our elderly are suffering and choosing to end their lives! “It’s ok not to be ok” has to [be] meant and not just a fashionable saying! We have to take care of ourselves and others more.“
“Mental health needs to be taken seriously and more money needs to be invested into helping people who are suffering with this horrifically debilitating illness. The whole stigma around mental health is completely wrong and this needs to change. People shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of suffering with a mental illness and should get the support that they so desperately need. Oxfordshire Mind do an amazing job in helping to support suffers but more money is required to help conquer this battle.”

A very big thank you to HYDAC TECHNOLOGY LTD, we could not be more grateful for your support and look forward to working with you.


HYDAC TECHNOLOGY LTD is a UK registered company; The Company was originally formed as a distribution point for HYDAC’S products in the UK. Since the company’s foundation in 1976, it has steadily grown and now has its own network of distributor service companies within the UK and Ireland.

The company has its own design and manufacturing facilities in Witney and Charlbury in Oxfordshire and employs over 120 people within the UK and Ireland

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