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Join the R.E.D. January challenge!

Have you already made a resolution to be more active?

Already super-fit but want to make your hard work go further?

Do you need some more New Year motivation to get fit and give something back?

Why not join Oxfordshire Mind’s R.E.D. January challenge?

R.E.D January (Run every day) is a fitness movement helping to raise awareness of mental health issues. Join the Oxfordshire Mind community and run, walk, cycle* for every day until the end of this month. And by asking your friends and family to sponsor you, you are helping people in the local area struggling with their mental health. Donate to the cause here.

By running every day in January, you can kick-start the year in the most positive way possible, helping to make a difference to peoples lives, including your own. Share your stories and photos in the Facebook group here. We’d love to hear how exercise has changed your life and see some rosy cheeks!

To find out more information behind the inspiration for the project, please visit R.E.D. January.

*And you don’t just have to run, walk or cycle. Any activity that gets you moving is a good thing.

Here’s our CEO, Dan, who is doing push-ups every day in January!