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Sam joins in with Walking for Wellbeing!

Sam the golden retriever

Oxfordshire Mind are excited to announce that Sam will be joining in with our Walking for Wellbeing sessions! 

Sam is a golden retriever who has recently completed his training as a Pets as Therapy dog.  Sam is calm and sociable, with a great personality sure to win over even those who are nervous around animals. He comes with his owner Brian, who is a dog trainer and keeps him on a lead at all times. Walkers can pet Sam, feed him treats, and hold his lead to walk him if they are comfortable. 

Brian was really pleased to join their first session and reported that he enjoyed meeting everyone and that Sam loved the walk too. 

‘Sam really brightened all of our days. People’s faces quite literally lit up when they saw him. He is such a good boy with such a lovely sunny personality. Even those who were a little uncertain at first were holding his lead to walk him by the end.’

Francesca Moll
Walking for Wellbeing Project Facilitator

Having Sam join our walks is a perfect opportunity for those who would love to have a dog but are unable to at present. We’re unable to have other dogs on our walks unless they are registered pets as therapy dogs.  

Being near animals can help lower stress and walking dogs can bring a sense of purpose to exercise for some.  

Currently Sam is attending a session a month at both our Banbury and Oxford walks, but this is subject to change as word spreads as we’re sure that Sam will be in high demand! 

How to join in

Walking for Wellbeing runs gentle, accessible, free walking groups for anyone experiencing severe and enduring mental health and are based in Oxford and Banbury.  If you are interested in joining a walk, click here to find out more and access our latest timetable.