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On the 23rd of June Oxfordshire Mind were proud to support Rugfest, a local music and wellbeing festival in Wallingford.

Kate Wilson, Oxfordshire Mind Information Coordinator, was: “promoting the importance of connecting with others at Rugfest, a local festival in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. One highlight of the day was a group of boys making some old fashioned pom-poms. This activity allowed time and space for the boys to connect with one another, as well as others, unknown to them in a safe space. The boys kept returning to the tent to make more Pom-poms and connect with yet more unknown people. Later we enjoyed cake and lemonade together as part of Camerados idea of a public living room. Such a powerful way to bring people together. I love my job! Today has left me feeling inspired and privileged. My lesson for today is a powerful one, taken from Camerado, which is to connect with others and give others a sense of purpose. This can simply be by talking to them. It’s the best way to help people through tough times.”

Oxfordshire Mind would like to thank Lucinda Powell and Jo at Rugfest, we look forward to working with you again and supporting this fantastic local festival.