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Positive Little Life Jackets

Postcard image with 3 lifejackets with the title 'little life jackets'

After struggling with depression on and off since she was a teenager, Sarah came to use Oxfordshire Mind’s services to get support. Through contacting Talking Space and attending one of the courses, Sarah now has a mental health toolkit that she uses on a daily basis to keep well.

“The staff at Mind were amazing…[the course] really helped me to manage my illness”

To give something back, Sarah has now created some ‘positive little life jackets’ postcards which are now available at our online shop.

“I’ve been in a space where I don’t have the support I needed – or the awareness that something that might be wrong. I want to make sure that a local organisation like Oxfordshire Mind gets as much support as possible so that anyone, regardless of situation, has somewhere to go and find more information and help.”

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