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Oxfordshire Mind in the Press

David Bryceland, a coordinator for Oxfordshire Mind, has raised awareness on the importance of the Talking Space Partnership.

David spoke about his mental health history, “clearly something was wrong in my life. I am not entirely sure what happened but a year or two before my breakdown I started to experience confusion, emotional instability and a lack of motivation. This persisted and just got worse. I didn’t go to work or socialise, and eventually tried to kill myself.”

The Talking Space partnership allowed David to access much needed talking therapy, during a time of personal distress. He would now recommend Talking Space to others who are struggling to cope, adding: “There is now a seamless referral depending on what you need.”

David Bryceland, now runs the Benefits for Better Mental Health (BBMH) service for people with mental health difficulties navigating the benefits system.

The full article can be found here.