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Our new branded stickers are on the way!

Here at Oxfordshire Mind, we’re really pleased to be receiving a new batch of custom matt logo stickers from Discount Sticker Printing. In the UK, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem at some point during our lives. We aim to make sure everyone in Oxfordshire who experiences such problems has somewhere to turn to for advice and support. We hope that our new stickers will help to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote our services.

Discount Sticker Printing are also providing us with outdoor vinyl banners that we’ll be using to aid our branding efforts, raise money and publicise our services. The company offer complete customisation, so if you need new logo stickers like us, or stickers for any other use, Discount Sticker Printing will be able to help.

We opted for matt paper stickers, but Discount Sticker Printing offer many different materials and finishes, including metallic, gloss, textured paper, clear window stickers and more. What’s more, the company can print stickers of any shape or size.

Thank you to Discount Sticker Printing for supporting us in this way!