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#MHAW17 Oxfordshire Mind can help you

Here at Oxfordshire Mind we offer a range of services to help you if you are suffering with anxiety or depression. We have a free Information Line (01865 247 788) which is open Monday to Friday (9:30am – 4:00pm). Here Ryan Bratley, from Oxford Brookes University, explains why he used Oxfordshire Mind’s services and how a CBT course helped his depression:

“Oxfordshire Mind was the first place I went for treatment for my depression; I was referred by my GP and took part in a group CBT course. It proved to be the perfect first port of call: the atmosphere was friendly and everything moved at a really comfortable pace. At the time I was still learning how to express a lot of what I was feeling and hearing other people talk about their difficulties helped me find the words.

Now I’m much further into my recovery I’m aiming to really find my voice about depression and educate myself about wider issues of mental health. Mind’s online resources are incredible and, even though I’ve had so much experience of depression myself, I’ve still turned to these resources to help me support friends when they’ve been in need.”

You can also listen to Ryan’s story here