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Global Running Day: 1st June 2022

On the 1st June, the world is celebrating Global Running Day! This is a day dedicated to encouraging everyone to move their bodies and to share their passion for the sport.

In the last few years especially, physical movement such as running has become a go-to hobby for those wanting to improve mental health problems. Exercise can have a huge impact in helping to increase self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as our overall mental well-being.

To celebrate Global Running Day, we’ve put together some of our favourite fundraising sporting ideas:

Join the Global Running day #Run1Tag1 challenge
Can you remember the playground game tag? This is the virtual version where you run 1 mile and tag a friend on social media to do the same. You can go one step further and donate £1 to a charity.

Charity sports day
You can get your friends, family, local running club and community involved in an old-school style sports race. Ask for a small donation to enter each race, and prepare to see some unknown competitive sides come to light!

Sign up for one of our sporting events
We have several running and cycling events, such as the Blenheim 7K (Registration ends 13th May, Bike Oxford, and the Oxford Half Marathon. You can sign up here

Fancy dress
Pledge to run your chosen distance in your favourite costume and ask for sponsorship in return

If you’re joining in on #GlobalRunningDay, we’d love to hear about what you got up to. Send us your fundraising photos and stories to fundraising@oxfordshiremind.org.uk