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Definitions for our EDI surveys

This survey asks questions about equality, diversity, inclusion, discrimination and empowerment.

In this survey, when we use these words we mean:

Equality: Treating everyone fairly (you may also be familiar with the word ‘equity’, which means fairness)

Diversity: Respecting and valuing our differences, recognising that everyone is unique and that nobody is a stereotype

Inclusion: Creating an environment in which everyone is truly respected, valued, and listened to, where decisions are made as much as possible with the people affected by them, where we can openly be ourselves and where we are equally empowered to participate fully in opportunities at Oxfordshire Mind

Discrimination: The unfair treatment of people, often based on a particular part of someone’s identity (e.g. treating someone unfairly because of the colour of their skin, if they have a disability etc.)

Empowerment: If you empower someone, you give power to them. For example, you support their voice being heard and give them the opportunity and freedom to create change for themselves.