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Cowley Road Carnival Exhibition

Oxfordshire Mind and Pembroke College JCR Art Fund Collection Gallery are pleased to collaborate with Cowley Road Carnival in this short term display, which celebrates the work achieved through an artist-led project funded by the Arts Council England.

Led by local artist Emily Cooling, Oxfordshire Mind’s community considered Pembroke’s iconic work by Alexander Calder; a colourful, large gouache painting titled ‘Abstract’ (1970). The participants worked with the artist, exchanging creative ideas and practical skills, to create their own Calder-inspired procession piece for the Cowley Road Carnival 2018 parade, which took place on 1st July 2018.

Their work will be exhibited alongside the Alexander Calder painting in a short term display in the Pembroke JCR Art Gallery. It will be accompanied by vibrant images from local street photographers who captured the Carnival this year, including William Mankelow, Stu Allsopp, Lesley Murray, Kourosh Khorshidfar, Chris Cameron, Chris Stonehouse and Jeff Slade, among others.

Ths display is open for public viewing on Monday 24th September 2018 from 4pm until 6pm! Free and open to all.

The Pembroke JCR Art Gallery is located on 5 Brewer Street, OX1 1QN.

If you have any enquiries, please email jcr.artfund@pmb.ox.ac.uk