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New Housing Opens in Abingdon

Today is moving day for clients into our new property in Abingdon! Look at our lovely staff and service users celebrating below:

With the purchase of 2 new properties this year, we hope to support even more people experiencing severe and enduring mental health issues in the local area.

The Transitional Housing Recovery Service aims to promote independence and social inclusion by empowering their clients to establish a stable way of living. Accommodation is provided in various settings i.e. large and small shared houses and self-contained flats, with the goal of helping people to move on within 2 years to independent housing. Our new property in the Abingdon area welcomed its first clients today and will hopefully form the foundation upon which they can base their recovery.

Providing high-quality housing is a necessity in the local area, as the waiting lists for supported housing across Oxfordshire can be as long as six months. Last year Oxfordshire Mind’s Housing team supported 127 people, of which 48 people were able to move on – almost all of whom went on to live in more independent accommodation.

Hanna Graham, Head of Housing for Oxfordshire Mind said: “This is really positive growth for us. It is clear that the demands for housing are higher than what can currently be offered, and so we are hugely grateful for the legacy donation that made the purchase of these properties a reality. By increasing our housing projects across Oxfordshire means that we can support clients to live in their local areas close to family and friends who are a vital support network”.

Current Service User, Charlotte, said of the Housing service: “I was not prepared for how much Oxfordshire Mind accommodation would increase my self-confidence. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to start living my life again.”

Legacy donations help Oxfordshire Mind both expand their work and make it available to those that need it. If you would like to find out more about how you can support, please call 01865 263730.