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Story Camp

Do you have lived experience of a mental health condition? Would you like to develop your skills as a blogger, vlogger or online campaigner, and help change attitudes around mental health?

Take part in StoryCamp, a new online course where Time to Change will support you to develop your online storytelling skills and confidence. 

StoryCamp will begin 1 June 2020 and run until 24 August 2020.

What to expect:

Every two weeks, Time to Change will give you a theme to help you create some content about mental health and your experiences. We’ll also give you ideas for different creative ways to tell your story, and tips on how to do it safely and effectively.

It’s important you feel comfortable with how you share your story, so you can take part in StoryCamp in a way that works for you:

  • You can choose to take part on Instagram, Twitter, a blog or Youtube channel.
  • You’re welcome to use any medium you prefer – you can write, take photos, create illustrations or film a video for each theme.
  • And you can choose to share your content with other StoryCamp storytellers, or keep your work private while you’re still building confidence.

You’ll also be welcome to join the StoryCamp online community on Facebook, where we’ll be sharing extra content and tips, and you can share your work and connect with other storytellers if you like.

Time to Change particularly welcome those who are most likely to face challenges around mental health stigma and discrimination, including men and people from the LGBTQ and BAME communities.