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Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Mental Health Helpline moving to NHS 111

Call NHS 111 for mental health advice for adults and children from Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire 24/7 Mental Health Helpline

A 24/7 mental health helpline launched to provide people with mental health advice during the coronavirus pandemic is moving to NHS 111.

The round-the-clock Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Mental Health Helpline makes it quicker and easier for adults and children in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire to get the right advice they need for their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Anyone concerned about their mental health or that of a loved one can ring the helpline at any time, day or night.
Since April more than 3,100 people have been helped by the helpline.

It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people who need mental health care when their situation is not life threatening.

It supports people of all ages including children and older adults.

From December people calling Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Mental Health Helpline will be able to ring NHS 111 – with local mental health advisors from Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust staffing a dedicated team of experts on hand to support people with their mental health.

Since the helpline launched specialist staff have been manning the phones from teams based at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust sites in the counties. Now staff will be based alongside 111 operators in Bicester.

Clinical Director Rob Bale said: “If you have got any concerns please call 111 to speak to our mental health professionals. We’re here and ready to listen. The helpline is open round the clock to support adults and children who need advice urgently and ensure they get the right help at the right time.”

People can call Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Mental Health Helpline when they need to find out when and where to get help and to access support from mental health professionals for a range of conditions and symptoms including anxiety, low mood, stress, worry, difficulty with relationships, crying often, feeling helpless, confusion, hallucinations or hearing voices.

If anyone’s life is in immediate danger always call 999.

When people do not need immediate support – adults experiencing low mood, anxiety or stress contact Healthy Minds in Buckinghamshire or TalkingSpace Plus in Oxfordshire. Children and young people can contact Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.