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Mia’s Story

Back of woman's head as she is looking out across the countryside

Mia, who has used our services, and now volunteers and fundraises for Oxfordshire Mind, has kindly agreed to share her story:

“I have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder which goes back to my teenage years. This has been an ongoing issue that I have had to manage and has caused me problems in the past. It affects my day-to-day life. I have previously had episodes of depression and mania and have needed to be in the hospital in the past.”

Finding Oxfordshire Mind

“I think it was in the hospital, about seven or eight years ago, that I found out about the Mindfulness course that Oxfordshire Mind had to offer. I remember this being a very worthwhile course to attend. After you have done one course, you find out about all the other services that Oxfordshire Mind has to offer. From this, I found out about the peer support groups at Oxfordshire Mind [we run over 50 free peer support groups across Oxfordshire]. As an artist, I chose to attend the art peer support group and I felt it was a great space to be creative without pressure – it felt like art therapy.”

Getting Support

“Over the years, I have gained lots of support through these groups. They are a great space to interact with others who use the services; there is always a good environment and I come out of them feeling positive. I have had a very positive experience with Oxfordshire Mind and really like the organisation and its philosophy and values. All the staff I have dealt with have been lovely, professional, and caring.”

Giving Back

“To give something back for the support I have received, I now volunteer as a peer supporter and have taken on a new opportunity as an ‘Expert-by-Experience’. I have also run the Oxford Half Marathon in aid of Oxfordshire Mind in the past.”

Mia is just one of the many people who has reached out to Oxfordshire Mind for support. Since lockdown began, over 1,200 people have phoned our Information Line to ask for support with their mental health.

Today, you can help us to ensure that people like Mia have somewhere to turn when they’re struggling with their mental health.

Donate today by clicking here to donate online or by texting MIND 10 to 70470 to donate £10 now.