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Maureen Bobby and the Yorkshire Three Peaks

Maureen Bobby, an Oxfordshire Mind Housing Worker, has already completed the London Marathon for Oxfordshire Mind. However, not satisfied with just completing the marathon, Maureen united the Oxfordshire Mind housing team to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge earlier this month.

The team consisted of, Maureen Bobby, Hanna Graham, Reza Khayati, Karen Yearde, William Lazenby, Katie Powell, Charlotte Grant, Jane Grant and Paul Bobby. Kindly supported by Rob Atkinson, Brian Hill, Victoria Crowther Ann Bourton and Rachel Baguley.

Despite the treacherous  conditions, and the third peak being closed due to safety fears on the teams decent, the team managed to complete the walk of the three different mountains in eleven and a half hours.

Below Charlotte Grant recalls the walk:

“On Saturday 10th June we walked 24 long and hard miles up and down 3 different mountains in Yorkshire in under 12 hours.

It was the most horrific yet fun experiences I have ever ever done. The weather was unexplained and horrific. I have never experienced rain and wind like it. Never thought clothes could be so wet..  Such an amazing group of people united through the walk! Every single step of the walk we supported each other in all the strops, delusional thoughts and thoughts of giving up encouraging and just being amazing.

We didn’t do this for fun though. Maureen Bobby earlier this year ran the marathon for Oxfordshire Mind but that was just not enough.  Somehow she managed to convince us all (and our support staff ) to travel to Yorkshire and complete these tiny little “hillish” bumps in the earth.

Maureen decided she would raise money for our charity so we can do what we feel we should be doing, providing a service for people that need support in everyday living extra funding would support us in being able to be more flexible around our working skills getting people back into a routine of living.

Most walkers are back to work on Monday which shows the pure commitment of our team, hobbling away to ensure we are still doing the job we want to do putting their own thoughts and feelings to the side.”

You can sponsor the team here.

Information on fundraising for Oxfordshire Mind can be found here.