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Cinema debut for service-user film series about overcoming life’s hurdles

Experts by experience inspiring others and breaking down stigma showcasing the Library of Life at the Ultimate Picture Palace Cinema

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People with lived-experience of mental health challenges are breaking down stigma with the launch of a Library of Life: a resource to build hope and break down stigma around mental health, being launched by Oxfordshire Recovery College and the Forensic Recovery College in Oxford.

The Library of Life showcases a collection of video stories which describe people’s journeys towards mental health recovery and overcoming the hurdles of life.

It has been created to give people new perspectives on difficult situations they might be going through. The hope is that those who watch the stories will draw strength from knowing that others have struggled too, and no-one is on their own.

The Library of Life is being launched with a live showing of some of the short videos at the Ultimate Picture Palace cinema in Oxford in May, and some of the wonderful story makers will be there to talk to the audience about their experiences.

It comes as we mark Mental Health Awareness Week May 9 – 15 2022.

The Library of Life has been created by Oxfordshire Recovery College and the Forensic Recovery College. The colleges are part of Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership and are run by Restore and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

A student of the Oxfordshire Recovery College said: “Making a digital story has helped me come to terms with things that have happened to me in the past, and given me a new more hopeful perspective for going forwards into the future. I am really touched that people who’ve seen my story feel it has helped them too. Whatever you’re going through, you’ve got to remember you’re not alone and help is out there.”

Head of the Forensic Recovery College, Petr Neckar, from Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We hope that the creation of the Library of Life will give those with lived experiences of mental health difficulties an opportunity to share their stories, their struggles, and overcoming these obstacles. This is not only incredibly empowering for the creator but also meaningful and inspiring for others who can draw on this and gain confidence knowing just how many options they have to navigate life’s hurdles and move forward.”

Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership is a partnership between Restore, Response, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Oxfordshire Mind, Elmore Community Services and Connection Support – six local organisations working together to support people who experience mental health challenges in every aspect of their lives.