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Census 2021 is coming!

Help us make sure your community is counted on Census Day, Sunday 21 March.

Why is the census important to you and your family?

Without the information you share, it’d be more difficult to understand your community’s needs and to plan and fund public services such as apprenticeship schemes, new housing, jobs or nursery spaces.

Because these things matter to all of us, everyone must complete the census.

Will my information be shared?

Do not worry, government officials dealing with applications you’ve made or payments or services you receive cannot see your information.

How can I take part?

At the beginning of March your household will receive a letter with a unique access code, allowing you to complete the questionnaire on a computer, phone or tablet. You can request a paper questionnaire if you prefer.

For more information, visit www.census.gov.uk or call 0800 141 2021.