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Barry Richens: raised £995

At the beginning of April, Barry Richens took part in a 10km Wolf Run and raised an amazing £995 for Oxfordshire Mind.

Barry said ‘Having first-hand experience with depression I do know of the help that is needed to get you through one day to the next, whether it’s family and friends, medical help or counselling. Having had all of these I wanted to do my bit by fundraising to help others.

I decided to do a wolf run, which is a 10km run with obstacles and swimming, it was very hard as the temperature on the day was cold and the lake we had to swim was very cold, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I had a lot of family, friends and colleagues that donated which was great and I managed to go way passed my fundraising target. I know the whole point is to raise money, but I did learn from the experience not to get stressed with lack of monies being donated or people you thought that might donate don’t, because it is supposed to be fun.’

Thank you so much for your amazing fundraising Barry, we’re so glad you enjoyed it and we really do appreciate your support!