Banbury Safe Haven

If you feel you are reaching breaking point come to Banbury Safe Haven

Banbury Safe Haven are open through COVID-19 crisis – we are providing confidential support face to face or over the phone to anyone who is struggling to cope in the evenings and weekend.  

Banbury Safe Haven is still open through COVID-19 crisis

We are providing confidential support face to face or over the phone to anyone who is struggling to cope in the evenings and weekend

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 6pm-10pm

Please call us on the day we are open from 5pm to 9pm and we will book you a 20-minute appointment later that evening

BANBURY 01295 270004

“Before coming here I was planning to take an overdose. I came here instead and now I am leaving, I feel less like taking an overdose and OK to go home.”

Safe Haven service user

“Safe Haven provides a unique service to which the emergency department can direct patients who are experiencing mental health crises without physical needs? It is especially valuable for individuals who frequently attend our department after hours, when other services are unavailable. By accessing Safe Haven in the case of future crises, they are able to get appropriate support based in the community. The opportunities provided by this service benefits patients as well as healthcare providers.”

Dr Deon Louw, Locum Consultant in Emergency Medicine Emergency Department Lead for Mental Health, JR Hospital

Banbury Safe Haven offers short-term additional support out of hours for people in Oxfordshire, who are over 18 and experiencing a mental health crisis.

We offer an alternative to A&E for people who don’t have urgent medical needs, and who can keep themselves safe whilst at Banbury Safe Haven. We provide a welcoming space, crisis planning support, space to be with others, a quiet room and friendly staff who are always on hand.

It’s located at the The Banbury Wellbeing Hub, Britannia Road, Banbury, OX16 5DN, and is open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday from 6pm until 10pm – if you need support please call ahead using the referral line (open from 5pm, last entry 9pm.)

Phone: 01295 270004 and 07851 246546

Who is the service for?

Banbury Safe Haven is a space to support:

• Oxfordshire residents over 18 who are experiencing a mental health crisis who wish to access support, and could benefit from a supportive, non-clinical environment out of hours

• People who historically may have attended the emergency department, in the absence of other options for accessing assessment, support and safety

• People who may be at risk of self-harm or suicide, but no immediate risk to themselves or others, and want to engage in safety planning.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to support you if you: 

• Are younger than 18 years, or living outside of Oxfordshire

• Present an immediate risk to themselves or others

• Are likely to be disruptive or aggressive in an informal social environment

• Need immediate medical treatment

• Are significantly intoxicated with alcohol or drugs on arrival.

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