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Bettina is wearing glasses and has dark hair, she shares how important building trust during wellbeing support sessions.
Meet Bettina from the Mental Wealth Academy

The Mental Wealth Academy is a partnership programme that offers non-clinical support to... more

News • Fri Jun 10

Man with dark hair and vest top smiling in front of rainbow flag with words Let's Talk in curved writing
Adam’s success story – Mental Wealth Academy

We are proud of the positive outcomes we see among the young people we work with, ranging from... more

News • Wed Feb 23

Woman smiling for World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2021

This World Mental Health Day the theme is Mental Health in an Unequal World Young people have had a... more

News • Sun Oct 10

Devon Robb, Mental Health Ambassador
Devon Robb, Mental Health Ambassador on coping with change

The Mental Health Ambassador project is a partnership between the Mental Wealth Academy and... more

News • Thu Aug 19

Making Life Choices

Making important decisions can sometimes feel difficult, especially when we're faced with lots of... more

News • Tue Nov 3

Self-care tips for wellbeing

With shorter days and colder weather setting in, it’s good to practice regular self-care... more

News • Tue Oct 27

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